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>Republicans. Boo! Hiss! – #237

>No, not George W. Bush’s lot.

The Germany-for-the-Germans, seal-the-borders-and-kick-out-the-foreigners, extreme right wing splinter party (i.e 1% of the total vote and shrinking) held a conference (about 800 delegates) in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz on Saturday, flanked by a 2000 strong protest by a mixture of unions, church, ultra-left, liberals, socialists, military service opposition groups, peaceniks, anarchists and assorted right-minded citizens, none of the above being mutually exclusive.

And “Mainz 05 Supporters against Fascism”, which allowed Harald Strutz, the club president, lawyer and local Liberal politician to strut around, preening himself like a bloody peacock and making sure that everyone was watching him.

The Eisenturm (“Iron Tower”, site of a medieval metals market) was graced by a banner saying “You are not welcome”, replacing – for the day – one with “R for Republic”, marking it as a station on the “Road of Democracy”, celebrating the democratic movement of the early 19th C.

And the Reps had to bring along their thermos flasks.

The city couldn’t prevent them from renting the venue, but the staff at the Hilton (which has the catering concession for the Rheingoldhalle) said “Sod this – WE’RE not serving THEM…”

Way to go

An OpEd over at YMBFA

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One thought on “>Republicans. Boo! Hiss! – #237

  1. >Political antics as usual. Politicians, those dim-witts we must elect, ruin everything. As you know, here, we have the democrats and republicans. Both serve the lobbyists that promote them, not the people.

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