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>Cinquecento – #246

>This is Fiat’s “new” (very retro) 500 model.

Turned up at the dealers here last weekend – one per dealer.

Just like that.

No brochures, no price. Nothing.

Well, what’s the point? The first year’s production is sold out and it’s achieving a premium of 20% on Ebay.

A bit different from the original, though.

That was introduced 50 years ago and “500” had a real significance – 500cc….

All of 17 bhp (although it later got tweaked to 23 bhp on production cars and Abarth doubtlessly got a bit more out of it.)

This one has 100 bhp and the turbocharged version will have a decidedly unhealthy 150 bhp

And here’s Mrs jb as a dolly bird with HER Fiat 500, mumble mumble years ago

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8 thoughts on “>Cinquecento – #246

  1. Super cute! Your wife has good taste in cars. 😉

  2. >Hallo,ich schreibe jetzt einfach mal in deutsch anstatt in englisch, weil´s einfacher ist und ich denke, dass ein Mainzer das auch versteht. :)Mir gefällt das alte Fiat 500 Bild sehr gut und wollte fragen, ob ich es für meine Website ( verwenden darf.Würde mich freuen, von dir zu hö

  3. >my mum had a bambina when I was at uni .. late 60s …with 4 students, a tail wind on a downhill road .. we could almost hit 50mph .. with a bit of imagination …. we all know what FIAT stands for … Fix It Again Tony. … and also many mini skirted memories as well !!! cheers

  4. >The first Fiat seems to be everyone’s favorite. Decided I’d take the latest version, tho, if it were offered. I also like Mrs jb’s dress in the second photo!

  5. >Well, several things are flying around in my head. First, you’re a man who understands the significance of numbers to women, hence the mumble-mumble. And the numerical information you left for me on my blog about the WorldClock thingy. Second, you didn’t stand a chance when you got a look at Mrs jb, did you? Much the same thing happened to my dearly departed hubby LeRoy when he first laid eyes on me, or at least that’s what he always told me! I love the photos, but I especially love the look of the first Fiat 500.

  6. >Do I detect the green monster rearing its (ugly) head? :DThanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.joyYour Love Coach

  7. >JB, when I enlarged your photo I found your self portrait … Hello Mrs. JB … I think I like your original 500 better than the new ones.

  8. >Wow. That is some car. It has come a long way in appearance and in mechanical details. Years ago, or at least 50, the Fiat was a kind of junk car nobody was buying in this country. Oh, you would see one or two, but they were scarce and then Volkswagon VW introduced their Beetle and people liked it even without heaters and air conditioning or auto transmissions. A guy in our engineering department paid for and waited 6 months to get his new VW. Well, at around that time, Fiat made a spurt in sales but never caught on.

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