Mainz Daily Photo

>In the name of the Father….- #247

..and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I baptise thee Johannes.

Gutenberg, that is.

This is St Christopher’s in the centre of Mainz, first documented in 893 as a parish church and built in its present form between between 1280 and 1300 and indisputably the church of Gutenberg’s baptism.

It was gutted by fire in a bombing raid in WW2 (Thanks for that, Arthur..) and was saved from demolition in the 1950s by the proverbial skin of its teeth.

The modern flying buttresses you can see through the windows were added in 1963 to secure stability of the main structure and it remains as a stark reminder of the insanity that went on in the first half of the last century, with its inscription

“To remember the dead, to admonish the living”

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2 thoughts on “>In the name of the Father….- #247

  1. >I recall seeing this church and its museum (correct?) a number of years ago while visiting Mainz. It was a distinct thrill; the city itself is very charming. We stayed there for three days with a lovely woman who told us what it was like to be a child in Germany during WWII.

  2. >What an interesting photo you have here of a place I must hold dear, now that I know about it. Gutenberg–wow. I cannot get over the places I’m getting to see and learn about with this CDPBing.Thank you so very much for the Jack London quote you just left on my blog. You know, when I was on that Alaska trip, we spent the night in Dawson City before our tour on the Yukon. Naturally one of the sights we saw was London’s cabin. Thanks again. And thanks so much for trying to help me with the links. I must’ve been doing something wrong somewhere, darn it.

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