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>Oliver – #248

“Oliver” is a hairdresser in the Gaustrasse, just down from the Stefanskirche.

Never been there – too expensive for me and too cheap for Mrs jb.

There was another Oliver, though, and the thought of the experience still gives me the heebie jeebies.

Mrs jb was a Sandwich Mechanic for 10 years or so back in the mumble mumbles and I used to tag along on decent flights.

So we’re in San Francisco and it’s decided that the hair’s looking a bit tatty and oh-look-there’s-a-vidal-sassoon-i’ve-always-wanted-to-go-to-vidal-sassoon’s-meet me-here-in-an-hour.

Even back then, I was clued up enough to head off to a book store where I buy – and this is how deeply this incident is embedded in my psyche – The Rolling Stone Record Guide, Kenneth Galbraith’s “An Ambassador’s Journal” and a book of Anselm Adam photographs.

Chances are I bought a Joe Walsh album, too.

Turn up at the appointed time and get presented with a bill which states:

“1 Oliver – $3,000,000”

Something like that anyway.

A number that was – and still is – totally out my range of comprehension….

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2 thoughts on “>Oliver – #248

  1. >A sandwich mechanic!!!!!!!!!!!! And, she lets you get away with that??!!

  2. >…ah now, I can cap this by telling of my haircut in Kharkhov in the 1990s which was excellent and cost me less than 10 pence! I was however mistaken for a member of the communist party for another 4 weeks or so.BTW…tks for the tag. I getting around to responding!!!

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