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>Shakespeare und So…#306

>This is just the nicest place.

“Shakespeare und So” (“Shakespeare and the like”) in the Gaustrasse, which links the city centre with St Stephans.

You won’t find those cheap glossy little “How to serve ground beef in 250 interesting ways”-type books here – leave those to the chain stores.

You won’t find shop assistants who ask “Just what sort of books does Hemingway write then?”. (Although – to be fair – that was in a Waldenbooks in the States)

What you will find are 2 really nice people (Nida and Cliff Kilian) who love books and can talk about them, customers who enjoy discovering something new, chairs to sit in and browse.

And kids.

Lots of kids.

I counted 3 (plus Mums and Dads) in about 5 minutes last Saturday.

And they all left proudly carrying a bag with a book in it.

So there’s hope yet.

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6 thoughts on “>Shakespeare und So…#306

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  2. >Hi,what a nice surprise! I´m working in a public library in mainz and we buy books there constantly!So i know them!Have a nice day!

  3. >Books are neat. All the world’s history is stored in them.

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