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Breastfeeding. Nappy changing. Ladies. #1929


Markus Wehrle (pictured) and Kai Tietze (with a little help from their friends) have turned a direly neglected and unbelievably scruffy building in the Gaustrasse into “Lönneberga“, a “café for families”.

Organic. Fairtrade. Regional.

It’s great.

I was having an espresso with Paul at Kaffeekommune II when an excited Ms jb fronted up from a visit to the ever-excellent Shakespeare & So where Nida had said: “There’sanewcafenextdooryouhavetoseeitjbhastotakephotographsyou’lljustloveitcomeoni’llshowyou”

Paul said:
It’s really nice. They’ve got a proper espresso machine and I helped them set it up properly”

Talk about selfless….

Got chatting to the barista and then to Markus who gave us a rundown on the project.

2 years of gutting, stripping, sand-blasting, painting.

I’ll still go to Paul for REALLY good espresso, but Lönneberga’s definitely worth a visit.

Oh, and they’ll let you in without kids….

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4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding. Nappy changing. Ladies. #1929

  1. Great post, and good to see that adults aldo get a turn with the toys between sips of coffee – or is that baby formula he is tasting?

    In view of ever recurring debates about breastfeeding in public in this country, I must ask if the steps are a means to hide what might be considered by some as embarrassing sights?

  2. No sign of Emil?

    • Quite possibly, but he’s be giong under the alias of “Michel”
      Wikipedia: In Germany, Emil is known as “Michel aus Lönneberga”.

  3. Sounds like a very interesting place. Wonder what the sound is like on busy days!

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