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>Petrolheads #413


Helen’s zipped off the Strasbourg for the weekend (more power to her elbow, too) and I’m stranded here out in the woops, trying to get my bionic leg to behave like a normal appendage (and not flap around like a manic weathervane.) More over at “You must be from away” if you’re vaguely interested.
So it’s the Bad Kreuznach Daily Photo until Helen’s back.
This is what the inhabitants of Northern England must have felt like when the Vikings invaded back in the middle of the last millennium…
Yesterday afternoon, there was a roar of unmuffled exhausts and 200 vintage car nutters from the Netherlands descended on the city and proceeded to rape, pillage and create mayhem to their hearts’ content. (Actually, they mostly sat around eating cheese, drinking coffee and being exceptionally pleasant, which is what Dutch people tend to do).
As well as clean the points and plugs, top up the oil, look for leaks and the other sorts of things you do if you’ve ever had an old car. (Tell me about it…)
Bad-Kreuznach is the second to last stage of the Tulpen Rally that runs 3000km through France, Switzerland and Germany and it’s all pretty serious stuff, with the cars packed with stopwatches, calculators and Satnavs.
Some choice cars – Mini Cooper S, Lotus Elans, more Austin Healy 3000s than you could shake a stick at, Sunbeam Tigers (used to be a sedate little semi-sports car until Carrol Shelby squeezed a 4.7 litre V8 under the bonnet and turned it into something that gets 0 mpg and gives you nosebleeds when you drop the clutch
Plus my very first car – an MGA.
Except this guy’s modified his with disc brakes, a 1.8 litre engine and a 5 speed gearbox.
And to think that I sold mine for £25….

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One thought on “>Petrolheads #413

  1. >It’s a nice car. Sounds like a fantastic event!

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