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>Bad Kreuznach #414


Bad Kreuznach is a spa town about a 30 minute drive from Mainz.

‘Bad’ – ‘Bath’ in German is a dead giveaway and it’s the sort of place where High Society went to ‘take the waters’ in better times.

These days it’s full of decrepit quadrupeds learning to walk again.

Like me.

But it’s still a very attractive place, just oozing understated elegance, with a big park and a flash hotel and the River Nahe runing through it.

The river in fact divides into a raging torrent (which disappears around the back of aforementioned flash hotel) and a genteel stream that runs through the town before they reunite and charge off downstream together to conflue in the Rhine.

And to think that the Gummit’s paying for me to have 3 weeks vacation here…..

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2 thoughts on “>Bad Kreuznach #414

  1. >I lived in B.K. from 81-83. (No, I was not in the military, but taught in the elementary school) It was a wonderful town. I’ve walked on the spa grounds many a time and very envious of your vacation. enjoy.

  2. >The reflection is superb. A lovely image.

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