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>These books… #561


…are made for reading…

Nida Kilian – being somewhat vertically challenged – was standing on a chair, sorting some books on one of the top shelves in “Shakespeare & So“, the cool bookshop she and her  husband Cliff run in the Gaustrasse.

(She also claimed that it was “a physical manifestation of her cerebral powers”. Ouch)

But she really is as bright as a button.

There’s a literary reading on Wednesday advertised in their window and I asked how many courses were on offer, given that it cost €6 per head.

(At this point, Mrs jb groans and tries to look as if I don’t belong to her.)

“Three” she said 

“The introduction – we do that, that’s the first course, the reading itself, that’s two and the Q&A session afterwards. That’s three”

I think I’ve finally met my match.

Cliff said that there will be wine.

Didn’t say if it was for free, though…..

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2 thoughts on “>These books… #561

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  2. >It looks like a great place to stop in and chat for awhile…after you are finished reading of course. 🙂

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