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>The Big Dig – #564


Or “Light at the end of the tunnel”


Not as ambitious as Boston’s major construction effort, but pretty hefty for Mainz, nonetheless.

The A61 is the motorway that circles the outskirts of Mainz and trundles northward, vaguely following the Rhine.

It’s been 4 lanes ever since I can remember (which is since we’ve lived out here: 30 years – it’s just the short-term memory that’s stuffed…) and we’ve had severe traffic congestion for at least the last 20.

The BIG PLAN is to make it 6 lanes, which of course brings the Nimbys out of the woodwork – “Too noisy, all that polution, the headlights will blind us, the parrot can’t sleep” – so they decided to dig a big tunnel (big trench with a roof, actually) to subterraneanise the whole shebang.

Hugely expensive.

Takes years.

I would have done it differently.

I would have slapped a compulsory purchase order on all the properties within earshot, demolished them, planted trees and kept the road superterranean.

Quicker and cheaper.

I did suggest it, but there weren’t a lot of takers.

Strange, that…..

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3 thoughts on “>The Big Dig – #564

  1. >Foolishness – as in most of my endeavours – was indeed involved…Driving one-handed with the camera balanced on the steering wheel and blasting off a series.Cropped it a bit – didn’t think the windscreen wipers would be of great interest…

  2. >What would the length be? It is one amazing photgraph, very well done. I presume that is a sidewalk against the wall.

  3. >Well whatever this baby cost, it made a heck of a photo here. I am now wondering how you got this shot off? Care to tell us? I am thinking foolishness was involved!!

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