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>Monthly Theme Day – (Small) Change(s) – #840


“If you don’t like change you’re going to like irrelevance even less”
General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army as quoted by Tom Peters in ReImagine

I generally only need 4 currencies to get around – New Zealand dollars, Thai Baht, Pounds sterling and US dollars.

(Euros would be useful, but other members of the household tend to spend them before I can get my hands on them…)

Times were – when I was flying 100,000 miles a year – when I’d have left over MYR, AED, AUD, GRD, DKK, ITL, FFR, GBP, SEK, PTE, ESP and CHF rattling around the place.

Thank goodness for those plastic containers that Kodachrome (RIP 2009) came in.

Have a good 2010

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13 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – (Small) Change(s) – #840

  1. >How very clever! Great photo for theme day! Happy 2010 😀

  2. >I like it when I find old change. I recently found some francs from my trip to France in 1978 . . .

  3. >I great posting of CHANGE for theme day! I love to have a pocket full of CHANGE – nothing better than jingle in my pocket!

  4. >Haha, good one! I've wondered for some time what kind of CHANGE Mr Obama wants people to believe in…All the best for 2010,D.

  5. >Some change has become irrelevant over the centuries, such as those subdivisions of the British penny – farthing? One must change but change itself becomes… oh I'm confusing myself. Happy New Year, nice take on the theme!Three Rivers Daily Photo

  6. >you have a great interpretation for theme day today. well done. Happy New Year!

  7. >Your mother was a wise one, Kate. I also make good use of those plastic film canisters, JB. I even have a couple real old metal ones that I keep single edge razer blades in! Hope your change increases in 2010.

  8. >Happy New Year to both you and Mrs. JB! Your post today reminds me of the best advice I've ever gotten from my Mother: don't ever leave home without some walkin' around money!

  9. >Oh too right, don't we always have too many coins of too many currencies. Great quote. Happy New Year to your and yours – may it be a happy, peaceful and healthy one.

  10. >Excellent quote – I'm going to write it down so I don't forget it. Coinage, or (small) change – very appropriate for today's theme day. Rather clever.Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010.Cheers.Melbourne Daily Photo

  11. >This is the most unique interpretation of the theme I've seen so far. But it's quite obvious, now that you've pointed it out. Wishing you a peaceful, love-filled new year. And safe traveling!

  12. >Money-changers have been raking it in since biblical times.

  13. >But what I want to know is do you have any EUROS floating around pour moi?? I'm gonna need em soon you know!V

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