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>For free, as well – #863


A very welcome sight at yesterday’s match was this chappy (I think his name’s  Bernard…) who turned up midway through the first half (by which time we were leading 1:0 – YESSSSS!) lugging a massive dispenser of Glühwein.

I’d have to say that he made a better door than a window, but it gave those of us with an impaired view of the proceedings a brief respite from a fairly grim display of football.

Free, though, through one of Christoph’s friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friends.

I was under the impression that if someone’s being paid big chunks of money, they’d at least stop and control and the ball before passing on to one of their own players.

I appear to be wrong.

Boot the ball in the vague direction of the other team’s goal, wait for Hanover to bring it back to within striking distance and repeat.

Mind you, if that helps you win 1:0, more power to their collective elbows

The new players appear to be pretty useful, though, especially the Hungarian chappy who came from Real Madrid.

Not that he contributed much (“chocolate teapot” springs to mind…), but given that my mate Tibor‘s ALSO Hungarian, there’s a chance that we might be in for even MORE freebies.

Now, if they could just do something about the weather….

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One thought on “>For free, as well – #863

  1. >I'm feeling the effects of too much of a good thing, namely great wines with dinner last night! Gluhwein is yummy, too!

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