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>Men at work – #864


And NOW I know why football/soccer players are overwhelmingly overcome by gravity and writhe around the pitch in excruciating pain as soon as one of the opposition gets near them.

It’s so that the photogs can take a break from snapping away and get down to some cropping, editing and distribution.

These guys were better set up than Mission Control in Houston in the 1960s.

I’m sure they’re in direct contact with the players via cochlear implant:

“OK, you can start getting up now – I’ve almost finished. Just rub your ankle a bit and limp around for 10 seconds and we’re away. See you down at the pub”

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3 thoughts on “>Men at work – #864

  1. >I think you are so right. Your soccer compares to our football in the south. We're all obsessed with our sports!

  2. >Very tech-y! They probably twitter, facebook and skype while they're doing all that, too!

  3. >The pub sounds like a good idea; who's buying?

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