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>Kill the fatted calf – #865


I don’t normally PhotoShop, but these endless grey skies are getting on my wick…..
What DOES, of course, brighten up everyone’s lives is the fact that Johannes G is to be returned to his pedestal on 10 February and just in time for Karneval, a fact proclaimed by this (liberally translated) dainty bit of doggerel on the pedestal commenting on the festive seasonal decoration:
“I’ve been away for a bit of a rest
Where I am you’d never have guessed
My heart is heavy, believe me this
Because it’s Määnz that I really miss
I really hope – with a bit of luck
At Karneval, to be back  
(Sod it – can’t find a rhyme – suggestions welcomed)
I send you all a Christmas missive
In order to prevent that spiv
From laying illegitimate claim
To the podest that carries my name
Hence this piece of festive artwork
All my best wishes – Gutenberg”
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One thought on “>Kill the fatted calf – #865

  1. >Getting on my wick? Maybe I can figure that out. I might have to use that here JB. I"m ever so "European" you know.V

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