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>Schnorreswackler – #868


Not that I understand much about this stuff, of course, but it is That Time Of Year again, when the local newspaper reports on Karneval to the virtual exclusion of anything else of import and the number 11 pops up with confusing frequency

This chappy is the Schnorreswackler – Moustache Waggler -, symbol of the Gonsenbach Carnival Club.

The sculpture was installed in 2003 on the 111th anniversary (see what I mean..?) of the founding of the club at a time when exuberant upper-lip decoration was all the rage. (One was supposedly required to waggle same at times of great enjoyment i.e at carnivalistic events. So they say)

In a selfless demonstration of giving everyone a fair go, the sculptor also incorporates references to the club’s choir – the Gonsbach Lerchen (Gonsbach Larks) – in the form of the bird with the straw hat (Look, I’m only repeating this, OK?) perched on his right hand and to the Fusilier Guard with their historical cranial decoration cradled on his left arm featuring – yes, that number again…

Another 2 and a bit weeks.
Oh, the relief….

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3 thoughts on “>Schnorreswackler – #868

  1. >Fun and funny sculpture! Schoene Wochenende!

  2. >I like him. Made me smile. Oh go ahead and put your costume on JB. We all know you're dying to get on with the show.V

  3. >I rather fancy this sculpture. And, I really do like Carnavals but will miss the one in Mazatlán, México this year, and I don't think I'll made a trip to New Orleans, either. Still smarting from the loss!! Do YOU enjoy Carnaval?

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