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Mucky fat – #869


That’s what they call it in Yorkshire – unfiltered drippings from roast meat.

The rest of the civilised world knows it as “bread and dripping”

Around here, it’s romantically called Schmalzbrot – lard bread

<geriatric rambling>

We used to eat it a lot when I was growing up in post-world war 2 New Zealand.Not much money around on a military salary, then as now.

Roast lamb on Saturday and the remnants reprocessed during the week in various forms until there was just the bone left for the dog.

Lots of cheap cuts of meat, quite a bit of offal – liver, kidneys, tripe.

And dripping.

There was always a tub in the pantry and if you were hungry in between meal times, it’d be that on a slice of bread. Or an apple.

</ geriatric rambling>

These days, it’s become fashionable, which means that it’ll be on the menu of every wine bar.

Flash restaurants feature it now again. They’ll call it “Rillette” and charge the earth for it.

Even with a flash name, it’s still 100% trans fat and chock-full of LDL  (i.e. bad) cholesterol

With a BMI of 23 and blood pressure of 120/80, I think I can afford it, though…

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4 thoughts on “Mucky fat – #869

  1. >If we ate that here in the south the rest of the world would call us heathens (again!). Good lord JB, I love me some fat as long as it's used for frying chicken, but I would need copious amounts of wine or maybe a slug or two of bourbon to choke that down!!V

  2. >Our CDP portal thumbnails are next to each others! I'll stick to my doughnuts and coffee – good luck with your lard sandwiches!

  3. >Better you than me frankly

  4. >Good Luck…stay healthy!

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