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>A red herring – #888


Pickled herrings.

Traditional fare on Ash Wednesday around these parts.

Just the sort of thing to remind you that the next 40 days fall under Lent and that having a Good Time is definitely not on the books.

Or your plate…

(Actually, pickled herrings are really quite excellent. Mixed with marinated beetroot, lashings of raw onions and a side order of Bratkartoffeln – that’s “home fries” for the rest of you. Yummy)

The hyphen Scandinavians among us will doubtless be drooling all over their keyboards at this juncture…

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3 thoughts on “>A red herring – #888

  1. >Can we have Norwegian Aquavit with our herring even though it's Lent now??

  2. >Well… it's colorful, anyway! Not sure I'd want to eat it, though. I guess being a vegetarian, I have a natural opt-out!

  3. >How different cultures observe Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and the rest of the Lenten season is interesting. Concentrating on food is not a bad idea, as longs as doesn't involve fasting and abstinence. But I guess that's what it's all about!

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