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>Karneval reloaded – #889


Well, I’ll be…!

Klaus R, my ophthalmologist and his wife a blond bird who’s definitely not his wife, sez Ms jb.

But all is well – she was sitting opposite him, dressed up as a Maharani.

Met him yonks ago at a country wine bar when his (now) teenaged twins were just littlies, got chatting, hit it off and when the world became a blur, I popped in for some ophthalmic assistance .

Our infrequent appointments tend to go like this:

We spend most of the appointment ranting on about the state of the world, the political cesspit that is Mainz and how he’s just scraping by above the poverty line, with the workhouse around every corner.
(It’s not just him  – ALL medical people are like that…)

Then he’ll notice my white stick and say “I think you could do with a new one of those”, writes out the prescription and I’m away.

He appears to be well up the Karneval hierarchy, anyway, because they somehow scrounged tickets for the premier TV Karneval event “Mainz bleibt Mainz, wie es stinkt und kracht singt und lacht” AND got on TV.

Can’t be that badly off though, Klaus – I have it on good authority that one has to bung big wads of folding stuff to the cameraman to get this sort of exposure….

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2 thoughts on “>Karneval reloaded – #889

  1. >Well, someone certainly thinks Karnaval is a fun time!!

  2. >Looks like some quite fancy costumes and much merriment! Unless my vision is blurry?

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