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>Slip, slop, slap – #904


Don’t do it and you’ll be sprouting melanomas within minutes.

Slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat.

That’s the mantra that you see all over the place and it’s best not to ignore with “Oh, I don’t burn” bravado.

You WILL burn.

Anyone who’s taken photographs here is amazed by the leap in colour temperature compared with Europe, especially back in the good old Kodachrome days.

These folk on a kayaking tour in Kaiteriteri were being given the usual routine today – how not to roll the boat, how not to catch crabs with the paddle, how not to get a sunburn.

“I want to see yiz rilly slepping on that sunblock” she said.

When they pushed off, they looked like a seaborne flotilla of alabaster statues, if I’m honest….

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One thought on “>Slip, slop, slap – #904

  1. >Thank you Google.. Now I know where Kaiteriteri is! I can't keep up with you JB. Are you there again or what?

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