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>A creative, hugely talented woman in full and marvellous maturity – #915


The International Dateline lets me do two posts today. I bet you’re all just squirming with delight…..

Christine Boswijk is one of New Zealand’s major artists. (They don’t hand out he New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Ceramic Art freely or frequently)

Her work has been gifted to the Taiwanese government by the New Zealand government.

It’s really cool to have her as a friend.

When you get to Nelson airport, you see this massive poster hanging from the ceiling, announcing “Before Words“, her current major exhibition at the Woolaston Winery.

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the work when I was down in November – huge shared and universal symbols in  brightly coloured fibreglass, way out of her comfort zone and a parallel universe away from her ceramic work.

Went to see it when we got to Nelson and when Christine and Patrick, her husband, came around for dinner she cornered me and asked me what I thought.

I just said “Impressive” and she said “That’s all I wanted to know”

She’s brought up 3 kids of her own, 2 younger ones from Patrick’s first marriage, is virtually self-sufficient in olive oil, veges, fruit and eggs from her garden and turns up for dinner with a decent bottle of red wine and a massive sage plant she’s just dug up from the garden.

She says things like “you’re all burps and farts” when the mobile reception’s breaking up and dresses in a flash evening dress, high heels and a black t-shirt with the arms cut off at mid-sleeve.

Just drips style.

Patrick, on the other hand, reckons that a clean pair of jeans and a good t-shirt is all you should be expected to wear at functions. (Although legend has it that he wore a shirt to the vernissage…)
He’s from a family that’s been in Mapua for so long that there’s a road named after them.
He’s got massive trucks, diggers and bulldozers. He’s also got a Peugeot 404 (he picked Prince Edward up in that when he visited Christine’s studio a few years back – “A very nice young man” she said), a Fiat 500, a Mercedes with an obscene number of horsepower and – when we win Lotto – a Trabant.
He’s an electrician and he can build anything you want building.
His house.
Christine’s studio.
Our house.
He refuses to own a mobile phone.
“That’d be no good” he says “People would CALL you all the time. I wouldn’t like that AT ALL”
We had a bet recently. 
He said that he’d eat his hat if he lost.
Shame that he turned up on his Ducati 900 wearing a crash helmet.
“I like your hat” I said……
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6 thoughts on “>A creative, hugely talented woman in full and marvellous maturity – #915

  1. >Very nice blog i enjoy it very much i cannot wait to see this more often is all about being natural and enjoy life.

  2. >Creativity and a lot of hard work are the characteristics for Boswijk and herwonderful work!!

  3. >This photo below reminded me when I wore those jackets and ride my motorcycle everywhere, that man has an incredible style like I had some years ago.

  4. >excellent blog and the couple of the picture with the motocycles look so modern so cool.

  5. >Motorcycles are very cool, this pair looks good with that rocker look! This photo is peculiar, it caught my attention!

  6. >There's my favorite wife-of-a-DPer! Hello, Mrs JB!

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