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>Why would you want 2 black holes…? – #916


Went to see my mate Houghton at the Boat Show at the Viaduct Basin in Auckland on Sunday.

He’s the very proud owner of “Raindance”, an 80 year old 30′ cabin cruiser that he’s restored beautifully.

Came as a bit of a surprise when he bought it out of the blue a couple of years ago and I asked him if he was fulfilling a childhood dream.

“Sort of” he said ” I almost bought one about 10 years ago, but Bill talked me out of it”

Bill was his father-in-law and probably our closest friend.

He was Captain Sensible personified.

He’d come up with stuff like:

“Reduced from the outrageous to the merely ridiculous”

“I’m one of those people who actually likes their beans cooked”

“Why would you want to buy an old house? You have to reblock it, the wind comes in through the walls, they’re not insulated”

“Houghton’s bought himself a new car. Used BMW. You’ve never seen anything like it! What a wreck!”

So Houghton tells Bill about this boat.

I’ve never heard Bill swear and neither had Houghton, but he said:

“You’ve got an old house. Why the &*$% would you want to buy an old boat? Why would you you want 2 black holes to pour your money into?”

Took him 10 years to get over it.

Really glad he bought it, though.

Never seen him look so happy

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