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>New spuds on the block – #942


That there dirt’s all the way from Cyprus.

I’d be a bit worried if I were a Cypriot, in fact.

The place has to be getting levelled out over time, what with the great lumps of soil attaching themselves to potatoes and then getting exported.

And the icecaps are melting, meaning that the seas are rising.

At some stage, it’ll all meet in the middle, Cyprus will sink and we’ll have to wait a couple of months longer for new potatoes….

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3 thoughts on “>New spuds on the block – #942

  1. >On second thought, maybe I'll just make a big ole bowl of southern potatoe salad with these. You've never had it I'm sure. What a pity, JB!I'd make some in Paris but their mayonnaise just "ain't right". V

  2. >So you can't grow a tater in Germany????Well hell JB, we can even g row those in Alabama!V

  3. >Nah, don't wait; just get them from Idaho!

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