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>Heinrichs – #943


Mrs jb’s mumble-mumble birthday yesterday, so we rocked on over to “Heinrichs – Die Wirtschaft” to commiserate celebrate.

“Heinrich” is Wilfried Heinrich Nestle (no, not a scion of the chocolate mob..) who started his career in Mainz, cooked at Hiltons in London and Paris and came back to the top of the Gaustrasse to open his own restaurant.

And a “Wirtschaft” is a pub.

Which is what the place used to be, right down to the window for street sales of beer from the local (as in “almost next door”) brewery.

They’ve kept the place original, taken the panelling back to its rich honey colour and scrubbed decades of grime from the tiled floors.

Simple, imaginative, exceptionally well-cooked food, an excellent wine list (and most wines by the glass), 3 standard main courses, 4 that change daily and good service

It’s the sort of place you’d love to go to on the spur of the moment.

Spur of the moment?

More like “book a week in advance”

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3 thoughts on “>Heinrichs – #943

  1. >Joyeux anniversaire to Mrs. JB , whatever the number. I 'm sure being married to you has taken its toll and she needs all the nights out you can provide! This place does look scrubbed and polished and a good place to gather. Glad it's doing so well.V

  2. >Looks like a great place to celebrate and consume! Mahlzeit!

  3. >Sounds divine for the divine Mrs jb, and I hope that you gave her a gift deserving for someone who lives with you, not that you aren't a real gentleman, but sometimes… ! Happy Birthday, Mrs jb … John is a lucky man!!

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