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>Got milk? -#944


The discount chains (Aldi, Lidl et al) in Germany have over 50% of the grocery market and they pretty much set the market price for commodities.

Milk, for example.

A litre of low fat (1.5%) milk retails for €0.48 at Aldi. (3.5% organic goes for €0.89.)

Farmers get….?

€0.27 a litre with 4.3% fat content.

They reckon it costs €0.40 to produce and the only reason they’re not starving or being forced to sell the Mercedes is because they’re subsidised like crazy.

(Not enough, of course…)

Some milk factories and co-ops, though, have come up with a smart idea:

Instead of wailing and moaning (OK, they’re doing THAT too….) they’ve created a premium brand called “Bauernmilch” (“Milk from the farmyard”) with evocative packaging, retro typeface and a good price point (€0.99) that they’re marketing through selected supermarkets, with a big chunk of the revenue going straight to the farmers.

I’ll buy it.

I mean, I wouldn’t want Mercedes to go down the gurgler just because the farmers can’t afford to buy their cars, now would I…?

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3 thoughts on “>Got milk? -#944

  1. >Hoffentlich lohnt es sich langfristig ^^

  2. >Oh, damn; Leif is showing off again with all his language skills. How can I top that?Creative marketing.

  3. >Ich hatte gern ein glass frische Vollmich vom Bauernhof! But then, I grew up in Wisconsin, "America's Dairyland."

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