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>I spy with my little eye… – #964


…. something beginning with “R”


(Aragula, too, but that’s only in flasher restaurants and then it costs twice as much. Same thing, though).

The producers are holding their collective breaths that the same thing doesn’t happen THIS year that happened LAST year.

Namely that in a SINGLE BUNCH of rocket,  someone found some Senecio jacobaea.

Ragwort or groundsel.

The sort of stuff our guinea-pigs used to devour in quantity.

You would have thought that SARS, swine flu and the Black Plague had hit at the same time.

“Just LOOKING at the stuff will turn you blind and give you IMMEDIATE liver failure” they cried.

Especially if you eat more than 20% of your bodyweight of the stuff, which is well below the LD50 for horses.

Supermarkets pulled it from their shelves, hectares of the stuff were ploughed under, some growers went to the wall.

As I said, everyone’s a bit nervous at the moment

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2 thoughts on “>I spy with my little eye… – #964

  1. >Rocket? I love that in France. Well hell JB , I love everything they offer up in France……well not the sausuage, lentils….. well some other stuff I won't admit to. VPS I"m glad Hiker found your blog.You two will have a good go around! 🙂

  2. >I'm trying to remember the panic over here last year. I think they thought spinach was causing wide-spread illnesses, so spinach crops were plowed under and growers went broke, and then they found out it wasn't spinach afterall.Something like that. I grow my own so they can't take it away from me.

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