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>The Apple Store – #965


Doesn’t quite match the glamour of New York’s Apple Store – no glass stair case here – but it’s pretty good all the same.

ProStore, just across from the Theatre underground car park, has a strong gravitational field and I get magically tugged in there on a fairly regular basis.

Stuff to play with, clued up (if a touch intense and edgy) staff, resident labrador

I keep well to the left.

If you venture too far to the right, you could veer into the Dark Side, with PCs and Microsoft stuff.

I always carry a clove of garlic.

Never can be too careful, y’know….

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One thought on “>The Apple Store – #965

  1. >Oh the Apple Store here has a very strong gravitational pull. I think our friendly staff have a Valium saltlick in the employee lounge. They are very laid back and patient and I've tried their patience plenty of times, believe me. Resident lab? Really? Does he have the requisite Apple tee shirt too?I did a post on the APple Store a long time ago. I'll try and find it and send it along.VPS Once you cross over from the Dark Side you can never go back you know.

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