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>Lettuce spray…. – #976


…could be an appropriate post title for a Sunday, but we’ll have none of that around here, thank you very much.

Only organics allowed.

Lactuca sativa avanacluia, grown from a 15c plug bought at Stein’s herb nursery and planted in a mixture of 2/3 home-grown compost and 1/3 potting mix, with some additional cow manure pellets mixed infor good measure.

Water liberally and jump back to avoid injury when they take off.

We’ve got 8 lettuces of various shapes and colours on a rotational system and they keep us in salads from May until late September.

Just pluck off a few outer leaves from each plant and away you go.

When one lot starts getting a bit raggedy, invest another 60c for 4 new plugs.

Easy as….

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2 thoughts on “>Lettuce spray…. – #976

  1. >Lettuce spray! I'm dying laughing. I'll tell our minister that one on Sunday! Lettuce looks great. You've got a green thumb ( along with manure pellets)!~V

  2. >Culinary art seems to be your forte!

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