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>Markt der schönen Dinge – #977


Translates as ” The Market of Utterly Superfluous Tat Beautiful Things” and it runs for the 4 days from Ascension Day in the atrium and adjacent roads of the Lampenfabrik.

Some vaguely useful kit there – a blacksmith and a chappy who cuts shapes of of steel plate, but there’s a lot of stuff that a) I don’t understand, such as shapeless garments made of felt (top) b) expensive clothes which break the already broken budget (2nd from bottom) and other stuff where I don’t really want to ask vis a vis their true purpose.

At least Karin Schweikhardt got a decent suck of the straw….

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2 thoughts on “>Markt der schönen Dinge – #977

  1. >Umm about that little number on the far right, yeah that pale green silk. I'm very interested in that one JB>V

  2. >My preference is for the useless garments (second from the bottom). I wonder if Mrs.jb was able to pry your fingers away from your wallet long enough to make a purchase?

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