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>The democratic process – #1004


If you wanted to go get home by bus on Tuesday evening, you were pretty much stuffed, with one of the major traffic axes being monopolised by a student protest against pretty much everything.

Hence a lack of buses.

I can follow the argumentation that tuition fees are counter-productive to giving lower socio-economic kids a leg up, but then you do a means test and sort it that way.

But I can’t follow the shrieks against the new Bachelor degree (which sort of aligns Germany with the rest of the world) and the complaints “that you’re forced to take core subjects for the first 3 semesters”.

And their cause isn’t really helped by one of their spokespeople being 31 years of age after 11 years of study (philosophy and history) and not quite finished yet….

But it was a nice afternoon out, everyone got a suntan and there’s an ice-cream parlour just around the corner.

Beats sitting in a lecture hall, listening one of my professor mates for sure…

Johannes (just off picture, right) is probably thinking “All my fault….”

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3 thoughts on “>The democratic process – #1004

  1. >I guess it would have been a great day to use one's bicycle!

  2. >Ah, youth! Gotta love 'em. I think that what they're doing is far more understandable that what some young people are doing in inner cities to others and themselves, usually ending up dead or in prison. The two buildings in the photo caught my eye, one historical and the other contemporary. Prefer the architecture of the old one.

  3. >Great shot of life and "democracy" in action. It is probably better for them to be young and involved in the process than to be apathetic.Darryl and Ruth : )

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