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>Help… #1005


As hard as I’ve tried, all I can find out about this fountain, located slap in the middle of the Leichhof, is that it’s been there since 1980, it’s the work of Heinz Müller-Olm and its symbolic figures represent the history of the city.

So what does a vertically challenged bricklayer (standing on a pile of books, with an owl at his feet) have to do with Darth Vader?

And what do the two of them have to do with Mainz.


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2 thoughts on “>Help… #1005

  1. >The five symbolic figures: a roman legionnaire (right in your picture with “Jupitersäule”), bishop with cathedral, a citizen of the middle age with “Zunftzeichen”, an elector with signs of baroque building activity and the modern citizen (the “bricklayer” left) with parts of old and new, the church St. Stephan and the city hall, the owl as sign for sciences and bricks as new building material. You find more in: Mainz. Vierteljahreshefte, 1989, Heft 4.

  2. >I checked the web, using many and varied entries; no luck, either. Hope one of the locals solves the mystery.

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