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>Talk about Augean…..#1007


Heiko Dettweiller has obviously not heard of the fifth of Hercules’ 12 labours.
To wit: cleaning the Augean stables within a single day.
Augeas, one of the Argonauts, had the largest herd of cattle in the realm – all of which had prodigiously effective and productive digestive systems – and had totally neglected any form of bovine hygiene for 30 years.
Heiko’s groin-vaulted barn in Wintersheim used to house cattle.
Then came the pigs……
He’s made a pretty good start, though.
His plan is now to drop the floor by about 50cm, tile it and (we hope…) use it as a wine bar.
Plans to have it finished for his 50th birthday.
He’s got 7 years.
At least he’s still got a smile on his face…..
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3 thoughts on “>Talk about Augean…..#1007

  1. >He seems to be a cheerful chap who is willing to take on a challenging job! I like the Weinkonigin from the other day!

  2. >What a site! The place is already spectacular. Not sure it needs another 50 cms headroom but that project is going to keep Heiko out of mischief for a while. Seven years to go and a smile on his face… I'm bowing down to him.

  3. >Sounds like a Herculean task, but he looks up to it. when finished it should be spectacular.

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