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>One swallow does not make a summer – #1008


The Simson Schwalbe (“Swallow”)
The company started off in the century-before-last as a weapons manufacturer which then made cars which was then was then seized from its Jewish owners which was then stolen by the Russians which was then set up in post-war East Germany as a VEB (“people’s owned enterprise”) tasked with producing 2-stroke (EVERYTHING was 2-stroke in East Germany…) mopeds.
These two “his and hers” (how cute…) models date back to the 1960s.
They’ve achieve cult status waaaay up there with the VW Beetle
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3 thoughts on “>One swallow does not make a summer – #1008

  1. >A rare pleasure to meet you today good sir…Now, I may be confused by all the wine which was consumed, and by the visions of the wine queen a few posts down, and by this pinkest of pinkly painted scooters next to that rich royal blue, but if this is a daily photo blog, how can it be that in March there were 32 posts, and in February a total of 30 ? Or were there some intruder posts which slipped in through rips in the space-time continuum ?Hope your return was smooth sailing this evening…

  2. >Awww,kissing mopeds! V

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