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>Heatwave – #1031


 Cue for a song: Joan Osborne with the eponymous (look it up – that’s what dictionaries is for) song from the terminally excellent “Standing in the shadows of Motown”
35º yesterday.
Think that qualifies.
And – just because it’s Sunday and Germany stuffed the Urus last night – another treat from Joan Osborne.

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted – same film.

Choice moment: look at the backing singer at 2:58. Pure pride and competence.
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6 thoughts on “>Heatwave – #1031

  1. >Jay met Joan Osborne at the Grammy Awards…eat your heart out JB!

  2. >So Germany got stuffed then? WEll there's always next year , or …….I have no clue.V

  3. >Just plain COOL!

  4. >Very appropriate photo given the heat we've had – several days over 100F.Darryl and Ruth : )

  5. >Oh for pete's sake JB. When it's 32 here we consider that it's "cooled off" a bit. You Europeans are such heat wimps!Are they STILL playing the WC? For the love. It drags out longer than the World Series. Surely you're tired of all that by now. Oui?

  6. >Oh, so disppointing… on the portal it looked like a wire food basket with a delectable recipe in the narrative. Now I'll go back and listen/watch the links. Congratulations, Germany! World Cup really should be every two years!!

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