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>Do people actually LIVE here? – #1034


My mate, Bill Leslie, visited us years ago and commented on the fact that villages died out at lunchtime.

“Do people actually LIVE here, John?” he’d ask “Where are these 60 million people I’ve read about”

It got to the stage that we’d hold our collective breaths as we drove through yet ANOTHER deserted village, dodging the tumble-weed and then wordlessly cracking up as we hit the “You’re are now leaving Menschenleerdorf. Drive carefully”

Thought of him the other day. (Think of him most days, actually….)

It’s 9am on a Saturday, it’s already 30ºC (that’s 86º in feet and inches) and the place looks as if a neutron bomb has just been dropped.

Deserted, apart from a tram.

Heading up the Gaustrasse and out of town.

Not many folk on the market, either.

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2 thoughts on “>Do people actually LIVE here? – #1034

  1. >"enjoy life"

  2. >I think that it's much more civilized for people to take some time off during the middle of the day, and then have a longer period at the end to enjoy like, esp. when it's hot and sticky.Have had a nasty little virus; now I'm back to harass some of my favorite bloggers again!

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