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>Huh? – #1039


Signora Anna on the market has real veggies.

And organic lemons that a supermarket chain would reject for “not being perfect”

She also has the only zucchini blossoms on the market.

A group of people were behind me asking rhetorically “Zucchini blossoms? What do you do with THEM?”

I pretended I hadn’t heard them mention “rhetoric” and said “Cut them in half with the baby zucchini, dredge them in tempura batter and fry them in olive oil. Or make a zucchini risotto and chop the blossoms in at the last minute.”

They looked at me as if I was trying to explain quantum physics by yodelling.

Or worse…

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2 thoughts on “>Huh? – #1039

  1. >FRYING? Now you're talking southern JB. We fry them, deep fry them. LOVE the photo. That's a winner too.V

  2. >Real gourmets don't ask stupid questions! The risotto dish really appeals to me!! Photo has great colour.

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