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They don’t call them "push bikes"….#1040


…for nothing.

Mainz has a mixture of bike lanes, pedestrian precincts where you ride at full whack, pedestrian precincts where you can ride at walking pace and pedestrian precincts where you push.

The Augustinerstrasse, for example.

Some people forget.

Not the police.

The rest of the story (the best bit?) is over here on YMBFA.

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4 thoughts on “They don’t call them "push bikes"….#1040

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  2. >The long arm of the German law was breathing down your neck and you didn't take it lying down JB. GO get em! Remember, never let em see you DELTE!

  3. >Yes, JB and you can even enlarge the faces of the offending policement. I read "the rest of the story" first on your other blog. At least they didn't smash your camera or anything!Thanks for your faithful support of your Alabama friends. Merci

  4. >I can see my Petunia suffering from bright sunlight 😦

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