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>Paul Haenlein woz here – #1082


That’s not him on the wall – that would be Saint Vincent after whom the hospital originally housed in this building was named.

Saint Vincent of Saragossa was one of those poor souls who got religion early on (304AD) before anyone else had and got tortured on the gridiron before being dispatched into the afterlife.

A few centuries later, the rulers of the day saw the error of their ways, built the cathedral at Cordoba in his honour as a form of belated (and utterly inadequate, given that they topped him..) compensation.

Shame it got bowled by the Moors in the 8th C, but there you do just go.


He’s the patron saint of vintners and vinegar makers, which makes him a likeable sort of guy and the hospital that used to be at this location was merged with the Elisabeth Hospital into a flash new place I became intimately acquainted with when I got the Bionic Leg a couple of years back.

Paul Haenlein?

Invented the first steerable airship. Famous son of Mainz. Died in the hospital in 1905. Has a plaque to commemorate his falling off the perch

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5 thoughts on “>Paul Haenlein woz here – #1082

  1. >@LeifLike to say that he's saying "Things are looking up", but it doesn't appear to be the case..

  2. >Hospital? I thought it was a church. Very singular hospital.

  3. >We have a St. Vincent's Hospital just down the road from my house. Didn't know about this vinegar thing. Maybe it's another St.V. "Fell off the perch" HAR, that's a good one.V

  4. >Hello St. Vincent! How's the view from up there?!

  5. >jb, you have the most interesting stream of consciousness! Good shot; the angle always makes me a bit dizzy…physically, not mentally!

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