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>Monthly Theme Day – Open Air Market – #1083


Open Air Market.
Thanks a bunch.
Of the 20,000+ digital images I’ve got stored on iPhoto, in excess of 19,500 (I think..)are of the market in Mainz.
Lazy as I am, I’ve recycled some of them.
Valuable prizes await the first person to link the collage bits to the original blog post.
Entries on a $50 note, please
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9 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Open Air Market – #1083

  1. >A vibrant orange dominant tone for a a great variety of aspects of the market. Just wonderful !(Avignon has no shortage of markets but I missed this month's theme day. I must have had an extended senior moment…)

  2. >Great collage! Love all the color, very rich indeed.

  3. >Just SUPERB!:)

  4. >Lovely market photos. I miss spending Saturday mornings at the market in Berlin.

  5. >This must have taken a long time. I love the way you've mixed people with produce and so beautifully too. The essence of a market is here. Love it! I've only got a 20 euro note handy so unfortunately can't enter!

  6. >Well look at you Mr. Fancy Pants, pulling a collage out of your hat! I need to know how to make one. Picasa, right?I like this idea. I have one zillion market shots myself. Maybe when I get out of the shower, I'll do one and see how it looks.V

  7. >The colour orange jumps out. Collages are great, and I like the addition of the human element. What do you mean "the original blog post?"

  8. >JB, I agree with Paul and the colors are stunning! Mr. Rooster is a bit scary but the people are smiling.Nice collage!xxGenie

  9. >Recycled or not — love the collage!

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