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>GHOBs on the rampage – #1166


These are trying times for the fiscally responsible….

Mrs jb dragged me down to the Caffea Moguntia’s Advent Bizarre Bazaar the other evening.

Ordered a double espresso and tried to pay for it.

Not a chance.

“You can pay for it with the rest” says the ever charming Mrs Müller-Dildei.

The REST? We’d only just got there..

“Of course” she said “The items truckload of stuff that your wife pre-ordered”

It went downhill from there.

I was asked to relocate outside for a while with instructions to stop being stupid and ANNOYING PEOPLE, not to keep referring to the groups of women fighting for the goodies as “a bloody scrum that even Richie McCaw wouldn’t survive” and not to GET INTO TROUBLE, so I missed significant chunks of the financial transactions.

On unpacking at home, it appears that we’re now the proud owners of enough calories to keep China going for the best part of a week and various seasonal thingies prominently featuring short fat men dressed in red.

And reindeer.

Including one attached to a spring which itself is attached to a small clothes-peg.

I have no idea….

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3 thoughts on “>GHOBs on the rampage – #1166

  1. >JB, I love trying to keep up with your little rants, knowing all the time that you are trying to protect your (fake) curmudgeon persona. You are such a mess, and I hope that you are not bothering the GHOBs.Bises,G

  2. >I know those were some trying times for you JB. I would love to have seen your face at the unwrapping ceremony! 🙂 The question remains: Were you able to stay out of trouble, stop being stupid, and keep your comments to yourself JB??? I know the answer to that.V

  3. >Enjoy!The great thing about being as financially tight as I am at the moment is you don't even get near those sorts of places. No purchase of short fat men in red attached to springs which themselves are attached to small clothes pegs for me this year, yeah !!!:-)(not that it'll do any good to the Chinese…)

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