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>Prepare to meet thy Baker – #1234



Proof that you CAN have your cake and eat it too….

Caffea Moguntia – the Tin Shed On Wheels – performs an excellent role in bringing the most disparate people together.

I met Helen of Heliospheric there years ago, I met Bat of 50 Grad there last year and today I met Rute André.

She misguidedly stumbled over MDP back in August last year, at some stage outed herself as an exceptionally skilled ex-pat Portuguese baker-with-a-blog and her most recent effort – Biscuit Joconde Imprime wrapped around an Entremets dessert looked just too good to be true.

I offered to buy her a coffee if she’d be prepared to front up with something comparably tasty this morning.

So there we were  – drinking Moguntia’s excellent coffee in a vain attempt to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures and devouring a quite stunning piece de culinary resistance, surrounded by astounded and envious non-participants.

“Oh, it’s EASY” she says, telling Mrs jb how to create the delicate pink vertical stripes in the sponge casing “You just do this and that and then chill it and pour the sponge mix thinly on top and bake it really quickly”

Probably applying some nano-stick wizardry to molecular gastronomy as well, which fits in with the biomineralisation doctorate that she’s doing at the Johannes Gutenberg university as part of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme.

Anyone complaining about the “yoof of today”?

Nothing wrong with this one – a real sweetie.

PS Note to self
Invite fishandchips for coffee
Invite Gucki for coffee

Wouldn’t want anyone to feel marginalised….

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8 thoughts on “>Prepare to meet thy Baker – #1234

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  2. >Please – don't give up! This weekend I'm again out of town (my professor celebrates his 60th birthday 🙂 but then it's getting better (hopefully…)

  3. >Looks absolutely yummy, as does the version at tangerine which shows a cross section, too. And mobile coffee *with standup tables* – that's high culture indeed.Great portrait; I think science is bound to prosper in such capable hands!

  4. >Looks like a yummy dessert! I just wish I could reach through my computer screen and try a piece…..

  5. >Lovely portrait, but, I agree, an extra photo wouldn't have hurt.

  6. >Actually we all forgot to take a picture of how it was looking inside…And once again thank you for the coffee! You both are really nice sweet people.If you want to have another laugh with creepy pictures and weird short CVs, go to the project main webpage:

  7. >No tthat I'm feeling left out or anythings. Oh well. She is a cutie and I'd love to see that pastry cut. I have no idea what it's about. Great portrait jB.V

  8. >jb, you charm everyone! Hope that Ms jb is able to produce the delicacy for future dessert pleasures. The young woman is indeed attractive and it's a good testament to the "yoof of today," whom I have NEVER doubted.Incidentally, what are you complaining about…it doesn't look THAT cold! Come see my blog today to see what creative folks in St. Paul do in late January…for over 125 years! Visit the links to see what Slinger and Kim captured on film, too.

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