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Little Miss Einstein – #1460

Having observed me thrashing along the Rheinstrasse on the trusty velocipede the other day, our young friend Rute (aka Little Miss Einstein), erstwhile culinary journalist and budding Nobel Prize winner invited me for Portuguese (“Well, we BOUGHT it in Portugal…”) coffee and cake yesterday.

And I got to meet boyfriend Thorben, a molecular biologist

and enjoy a piece of apple and almond tart.I also learned that molecular biologists are condemned by their calling to follow a recipe slavishly, whereas chemists (Rute specialises in biomineralisation, which appears have something to do with turning sponges into silica sculptures if I’ve understood it correctly which I probably haven’t..) have a psychopathic inability to follow an recipe and succumb to a primal urge to experiment.

So assuming that this started out life as a plum tart, it worked out quite well…….

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6 thoughts on “Little Miss Einstein – #1460

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  2. Somewhat off topic but came to my mind when I read the title:
    “I’m a scientist”

    • Great video Antje, and I can definitely relate. I think since I was very little I wanted to work in science. I remember I used to spend hours watching the documentaries with Jaques Costeau or Stephen Hawking… But (as in the examples) in high school I had some teachers that opened my interest for chemistry. Good choice in the end I believe!

  3. This woman is not only beautiful, but talented, too. Great credentials, and her blog looks pretty tasty! You have some pretty interesting friends!

  4. Well they look very friendly but I’d for once have to just eat and shut up. Wouldn’t have a thing Intelligent to say!

  5. Very nice photos, thanks!

    The recipe is online also.
    And you’re always welcome to come over!
    (I just hope I don’t start getting recognized on the streets of Mainz and getting asked for cake all the time..)

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