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>Suffer the little childen…#1239


Who don’t in fact look too happy with the situation at all.

Not surprising, given what you read in the papers…


The tablet sez Veni, Creator Spiritus

One of the most widely used hymns in the Church, Veni, Creator Spiritus, is attributed to Rabanus Maurus (776-856). It is used at Vespers, Pentecost, Dedication of a Church, Confirmation, and Holy Orders and whenever the Holy Spirit is solemnly invoked. A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who recite it. A plenary indulgence is granted if it is recited on January 1st or on the feast of Pentecost. 

Does that mean that the unfaithful get a plenary indulgence if they pick the right day, too? And what is a “plenary indulgence” anyway? Doesn’t sound too healthy to me…

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3 thoughts on “>Suffer the little childen…#1239

  1. >Ditto… who is the adult in this grouping and where is this?Bisous,Genie

  2. >The older child seems to be protecting the other from what…..who knows in this world. I'm with Kate. We are our brother's keeper but we are failing miserably.V

  3. >The children look like they are in a very precarious position, perhaps like too many children in the world. We really are our brother's keeper…in the best sense of the word, if only we could spread the word.It's an interesting statue, but I couldn't read all the words on the plaque held by the adult.

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