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>Why I like Portobello -#1240


“Portobello” is a small Italian restaurant run by Giovanni and Barbara Jelapi in Nieder Ober-Olm, a neighbouring village.
They opened about 18 years ago and we’ve seen their 2 kids (17 and 14) grow up from littlies (who came and sat at our table to draw on the screeds of mainframe printouts that I’d rescue from the waste-paper at work) to real people.
Why do I like it?
I don’t have to order a wheat beer – they just bring it.
They’ve christened Mrs jb’s favourite pasta dish (which isn’t on the menu – spaghettini with olive oil, garlic and peperoni ) “Pasta Anna”
They think it’s hilarious if you’re sitting in a hidden corner of the restaurant and call them up on the mobile to order an espresso.
They think it’s hilarious if Giovanni’s sitting at a table talking to customers (leaving Barbara rushed off her feet) and I put a towel over my arm and go up and ask if I can get them anything from the bar.
Best of all – when Mrs jb scoffs the amaretti from my espresso, Giovanni asks “Did she steal it?”, whips the cup away and comes back with some more “just for you, though”…
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3 thoughts on “>Why I like Portobello -#1240

  1. >I want to go there right this minute!

  2. >All that sounds like you are one of the "regulars."

  3. >Love the anecdotes. Pasta Anna's choice of pasta dish sounds simple and simply delicious.

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