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>This I earned – #1248


Double espresso and a blueberry muffin at the (average age 17…) Kiddie Café  Annabatterie café on the Gartenfeldplatz.
Definitely worth a visit.

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6 thoughts on “>This I earned – #1248

  1. >Definetly I nice place for a coffee.

  2. >That's a reward worth working for!Darryl and Ruth : )

  3. >Looks delightful, JB… would love to join you and Mrs. JB for a coffee there.Bises,Genie

  4. >You're just an overgrown kid yourself jb.V

  5. >Did you learn any new vocabulary from the kids around you as you enjoying your cup of java and blueberry muffin?Happy Sunday, JB!

  6. >Looks good enough to give me the impetus to go out and get one myself now, even though it's pretty early here. Have a good Sunday, jb.

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