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>The Roman Stones….#1249


How bloody dull can you get?
“Die Römersteine”.
These are the remnants of one of the most significant Roman structures north of the Alps, for goodness sake!
An aquaduct that transported 7.000m3 of water a day from Mainz-Finthen (Fontanetum) over 9km to the 2 legions stationed in Mainz in the 1st C AD.
With a gradient of 0.9% and arches up to 30m high.
This sort of stuff never ceases to amaze me.
There’s not much left – just the decayed stumps of 58 pillars in Zahlbach and few other bits here and there. Mediaeval builders recycled the rest.
The water was fed through subterranean homesick blues channels for the first 6 km, surfaced in what are were fields and is now the new Mainz 05 stadium and then swooped over the Zahlbach valley to the Castra (modern: Kästrich) and 12,000 thirsty legionnaires.
So IMHO “The Roman Stones” doesn’t really do it justice.
Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.
More (really good stuff) here
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3 thoughts on “>The Roman Stones….#1249

  1. >Oh, and I came over to read about the Rolling Stones! Hah! The joke is on me… (jk)Happy Valentine's Day, to you and Mrs. JB!Genie

  2. >We're lucky that our pont du gard is intact. But you know that.

  3. >Your are a subterranean channel of information as always! :)V

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