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>Hand-coloured and lenticularly trussed – #1257


  Sounds like a lyric from “Highway 61 Revisited”. (Who said speed kills…?)

Here be that bridge again with a severe paucity of cumulo-thingies, but a surfeit (that’s the collective noun of the moment) of contrails.

Effects courtesy of TrueHDR, which captures three ranges of brightness in an image, selects the best two and creates a single high dynamic range image.
[That’s what it says here, anyway – Ed]

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6 thoughts on “>Hand-coloured and lenticularly trussed – #1257

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  2. >I'm back. You said an app. Was this an Iphone shot?V

  3. >Nice job, JB… When I went on the "city photo walk" last summer, many of the photographers were talking about HDR. This one of yours looks fine with the contrails in the sky…G

  4. >This is gorgeous jb and i"m impressed as all get out that you figured the hdr thang out.V

  5. >I like the image…read the explanation for True HDR and decided that photography is getting a little too complicated for me. I'll just go happily along with my point and shoot while admiring your efforts. Hey, my photos aren't that bad!!

  6. >Funny, even yesterday I was looking for a good HDR program for Mac (thinking about photomatix as a plug in for Lightroom or so…).Is the app working nicely? I never really tried making HDR image but I have some curiosity.

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