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>"X" hits the spot – #1271


 Our young friend Stefan Miller at Fresh Choice in Richmond on his first day as barista at the new takeaway coffee bar they’ve set up at the entrance to the store.
“Nervous?” he said “NERVOUS? I kept trying to adjust the grind to finer and kept turning the dial the opposite way. I’m getting there, though”
Good coffee and a good management decision to put him in charge. Clued up kid who impresses everyone who meets him.
They serve the “Toxic” brand from Pomeroys, which has a nice little story attached:
Through our closest friends ever, Isla and Bill Leslie, we met Graham and Gwen Thompson and at one stage I got roped into meeting Gwen and their daughter Leigh (a littlie at the time) at Heathrow when I worked there in the early 1970s.
Fast forward to the 1980s – Graham and Gwen move to Nelson as does Leigh with her son Hayden.
Start up Pomeroy’s Coffee and now Leigh is MD and Hayden General Manager.
3º of separation is all you need in New Zealand.
6º is waaaay too much
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3 thoughts on “>"X" hits the spot – #1271

  1. >haha im getting there pretty well now , il make sure next time you come back il have a near perfect shot, plus hopefully show off my ipad 2

  2. >Great shot. Coffee is too damn high tech for me nowadays. I go to my coffee shop and say, "Medium coffee, leave room for cream, you figure out what kind."YOU Jb, have had a cuppa everywhere on the planet, I"m thinking. V

  3. >A handsome young man who'll be an attraction himself. He'll be making perfect brew in no time!!

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