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>Fantail – #1278


The Eurofighter Typhoon was designed with what they call relaxed stability (the tendency of an aircraft to change its attitude and angle of bank of its own accord) to increase manoeuvrability. If its balancing regulator fails, it crashes.
The New Zealand fantail (Rhipidura fuliginosa – Maori name  Piwakawaka) appears to come from the same design team. 
It can turn on a sixpence in its search for insects and used to follow us through the bush, snapping them up in our wake as we disturbed them.
And insects there are in New Zealand. Ms jb – currently doing a fairly credible impersonation of the 102nd Dalmation in red – will back me up on this.
The surefire way to attract fantails back in the day was to mimic their call by rubbing a cork on a bottle.
What are you meant to do these days in the age of screwtop Stelvin closures…..?
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2 thoughts on “>Fantail – #1278

  1. >Sounds like she might have bought commercial quantities of anti-itch-lotion…I hope it is more a case of poetic license than discomfort, lets hope both ailments will be cured come tomorrow.

  2. >To heck with the birds, I want to see what Mrs. Jb bought!V

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