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Opposites attract – #1279

Paul (of Auckland-West fame) and I could hardly be more different.
He left Western Europe to live in New Zealand in 1970.
I left New Zealand for Western Europe the year before
He’s an academic.
I once managed single digits in an exam in his field of expertise. (I had an off day, it was REALLY difficult and I thought it was the History exam…)
Somehow we stumbled over each others’ blogs, it turned out that he wasn’t yer typical Westie stereotype  (i.e. didn’t drive a Holden V8 ute, wasn’t a bogan, didn’t have a mullet, neither macho, lawless, nor lacking in taste.) and he seemed the sort of guy you’d like to meet.
Which we did on Sunday afternoon in the Waitakeres.
What a treat.
Just as I’d imagined him – softly spoken, subtle and witty – with a charming wife, Herta.
Went for a coffee at the Piha Beach Café.
Went for a walk on the beach.
This is what makes blogging worthwhile…..
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9 thoughts on “Opposites attract – #1279

  1. Worthwhile indeed, and well told.

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  3. >A wonderful story, now told from the other side. Both together are outstanding.Greetings from Germany.

  4. >I love to see bloggers meet – your three photos are wonderful.

  5. >Opposites attract I guess! Nice story.

  6. >Another great post, jb! I could get used to stories like that. A great afternoon indeed.

  7. >What a great post JB and your photos make it even better. Yes, getting to meet blog friends in person is just the best. And a good time was had by all…. :)VPS We love getting to see your smiling face for a change!

  8. >Priceless portrait the first picture. Really suits the description you gave for him!

  9. >All three photos are terrific! I especially liked the group photo in the middle; yup, bloggers (with patient spouses) are pretty terrific people.

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