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Looks familiar…..#1637

Well, I’ll be buggered!

It’s Bro Paul of Auckland West fame!

Not quite as coincidental as one might think, though.
Having met for the first time in early 2011, again in June and yet again in March of this year, I was looking forward to our usual coffee out West on my trip down for the school reunion.

Not a chance.

I’m down there, Paul and Herta are over here.
No probs, we’ll meet up.

Which almost didn’t happen, because my trip got messed around, I flew almost a week later than planned and assumed that we’d miss each other by a day.


As luck would have it, I was back on Friday lunchtime from NZ via LA and some hectic phoning tracked down Paul and Heddasche, her brother Martin with wife Petra and son Luca to Bad-Kreuznach.

What a fine time! Martin and his family were a lovely addition to a couple we’ve come to know and appreciate over the past year or so and we could have talked all night if I hadn’t fallen off my chair at the Brauwerk craft brewery at about 10pm.

I put it down to jetlag.

Ms jb said it was too much beer.

My defense was that on the flight they told me to drink a lot.

I was told in no uncertain terms to stop talking crap.


But whatever anyone says, I think I’m a pretty good portrait photographer. (Mind you, with Paul as subject matter, it’s a piece of cake…)

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3 thoughts on “Looks familiar…..#1637

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  2. Piece of cake indeed. Paul is immensely photogenic.
    Glad you were able to enjoy one more of your fine reunions.

  3. Please don’t make me talk about your portraiture expertise. And I agree with Mrs. JB, I’m sure it was too much brew.

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